Ep 160: Berserk

July 3, 2017

"Take Frank Castle, the Punisher, and multiply him by 1000," is Evan Valentine's assessment of our the hero in Berserk, named Guts.  Guts is beaten and betrayed by those close to him, and then to further add insult to injury, he's haunted by evil spirits that prevent him from sleeping.  The psychological makeup of this hero, really an anti-hero, is fascinating when you realize that Guts is seriously driven.  Driven by vengeance, love, and hate of his enemies and the singlular goal to crush them with a sword that is taller than him.  

Will Evan become a Blacksmith in order to forge Sean a massive sword?  Will Dave ever obtain the "egg of the king" and become a God Hand?  (answer yes and yes)  All of this and more on this week's episode of the Saturday Mourning Cartoons podcast!

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