Saturday Mourning Cartoons

Ep 231: Garfield and Friends

March 4, 2019

This episode was released on a Monday and WE HATE MONDAYS!  To deal with it and carb load on lasagna, Sean has invited Charlie Visconage and Matt Chaconas to help plot the demise of Odie and consider new transportation alternatives fuel sources.





Want to find our guests online?


  1. IG @cavisconage
  2. Twitter @sweatyinthecity
  3. Website -
  4. If you're in the DC area on May 18, then check out because Sean and Charlie are doing an event called 'Funland.'tw


  1. IG and twitter @MattChaconas
  2. Matt puts out music as 'Shining Seconds' and recently put out a new 4 track EP that's 'electronic pop music.'  Charlie did the artwork for the EP 'Giraffe Song.'
  3. Find Shining Seconds on Spotify by clicking here (it's really good!) 


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