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Ep. 282: ‘Wizards’ Review | Saturday Mourning Cartoons

August 8, 2020

DreamWorks delivers more Tales of Arcadia animated action in Wizards, the closing chapter of Guillermo del Toro & Co's excellent, action-packed, fantasy franchise. (Except it's not really the closing chapter; there's a movie coming out in 2021 that aims to resolve everything the 10-episode Netflix season didn't quite tie off with a bow.) But how exactly does the magic-focused series stack up when compared with fellow Tales, 3Below and Trollhunters?

Listen in as we walk through the Good, the Bad, and the LOL of Wizards in the latest episode of our long-running animation-focused podcast. Be sure to let us know where you think Wizards ranks in the Tales of Arcadia and what you're hoping to see in next year's movie!


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