Saturday Mourning Cartoons

Ep. 284: ‘Glitch Techs’ Season 2 Review

August 29, 2020

Glitch Techs Season 2 arrived on Netflix just last week. This new batch of 10 half-hour episodes continues the adventures of glitch-hunters Miko and Five and their all-star team of Hinobi technicians. New relationships will be explored, new insight into families and friends will be revealed, and tons of pop culture and video game Easter eggs will be scattered all over the place, virtual and IRL. But how does Season 2 compare to the fantastic first season released earlier this year?

As gamers from a certain generation, there's a lot to love about Glitch Techs. But you don't need to get all the references (we certainly didn't) to enjoy this beautifully animated, wonderfully acted, smartly written, and brilliantly executed animated series. Right now, we're at the end of the current selection of episodes originally ordered into production by Nickelodeon before the show went to Netflix, but there is so much more story to tell, mythology to explore, and mysteries to solve. Glitch Techs deserves at least one more season to continue their story, so be sure to tune in ASAP to make some noise for this fantastic series!


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