Saturday Mourning Cartoons

IRONFACE: The Animated Series - Behind the Scenes

October 3, 2020

Today, I'm not just bringing you the latest episode of our long-running animation podcast Saturday Mourning Cartoons, I'm bringing you a very special and personal project. After 6 years and well over 300 episodes, our little animation-fandom podcast has finally made its own original animation in the nightmarish and hilarious IRONFACE.

We made this short animated teaser trailer for the ongoing Kickstarter campaign -- of which I'm the manager and community liaison -- as a proof of concept for what the franchise could look like as an animated series. It was a labor of love and a learning process, all of which we talk about in the video above. If you've ever wondered how the animated sausage is made, this is the podcast episode for you!

As background on IRONFACE, it all started decades ago when Dan Paul wrote a bunch of scary stories between the ages of 9 and 11. Those stories were steeped in 80s pop culture, brutally violent, darkly comic, and totally innocent, as told through the mind and imagination of a child. Perhaps unlike most kids, however, his mom saved and preserved all of those stories for thirty-some years. Recently, Dan, better known by his handle of @SourKoolaidShow, unearthed those stories to share them with his Twitch community. And that’s where the cult following of IRONFACE was born. You can find out much more at the ongoing (and fully funded!) Kickstarter:

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