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#Kipo Showrunners on the Series’ End and Hope for Its Future

October 15, 2020

The bittersweet news is that Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts has come to a close after only 30 episodes released over less than a calendar year. But what a year. Kipo, one of the best new animated series in recent years, is definitely a silver lining in 2020 and will be a memory I chose to revisit more often than, well, pretty much everything else from this year. The sweet part is that all of those episodes are still available to stream on Netflix and will be fore the foreseeable future. Who knows, maybe if enough people out there (re)discover the fantastic and progressive Dreamworks Animation story, we might just get more of it.

That's what I tried to get co-creators / showrunners Rad Sechrist and Bill Wolkoff to confirm when I chatted with the duo recently. Looking forward to a hopeful future full of possibility was a better topic of conversation than lingering on the show's natural end, which was apparently planned from the very beginning. Equally enjoyable was looking back at the show's brief but meteoric rise to critical acclaim to really take stock of what Kipo was able to achieve and what the show, its story, and its characters mean to so many fans out there. All that and more can be found in my interview, so feel free to follow along!

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