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‘The Shivering Truth’ Season 2 Interview with Cat Solen

May 9, 2020

Adult Swim's haunting yet thought-provoking stop-motion series 'The Shivering Truth' returns for Season 2. To celebrate that fact, we had a chance to chat with director/executive producer Cat Solen in a unique interview experience. We stepped into the simulated world of Second Life to carry out the interview in a uniquely designed venue tailormade for the series itself. Be sure to check out the video!

During this interview, Solen talked about creator Vernon Chatman's creative process and how they work together to bring his ideas to the screen, the particular challenges and creative rewards posed by stop-motion animation, the incredible work of their entire team from concept to execution, and just which effects sequences were the hardest to pull off. Plus, Solen shares her thoughts on Season 2 and what she wants audiences to get out of the experience.


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